Wake Up

Congregation: Tri-City
Series: Isaiah: The Lord's Comfort
Speaker: Brad Snyder
Scripture Text: Isaiah 50:10-52:12

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Discussion Questions
  1. Share evidence from your own life and the history of mankind that illustrate how relying only on our own “light” leads to torment. Be open and honest – the weakness of our light only displays the brightness of His.
  2. How do our attempts to provide and rely on our own light prove that we don’t really appreciate 1) how sinful and broken we are, and 2) how love and accepted we are?
  3. Review Isaiah 50:10-51:3 and identify/share the many ways God invites and woos His People to draw near and hope in Him; noting the love, grace and mercy He speaks. Take hope in knowing His invitation of grace is to all His rebellious, wayward and idolatrous people of all time – 2700 years ago and today.
  4. Why is it so encouraging to God’s People for Him to repeatedly proclaim the glory of “my righteousness” and “my salvation”? Consider the significance of Isaiah 51:7.
  5. When we hear God’s call to listen to Him, why is it helpful to face this truth: “No one has lied to you more than you have”?
  6. Acknowledging that it is a natural/common struggle, what in your life could tempt you to feel that God is asleep?
  7. Discuss the truth that during those times (Q. 6), God is actually actively at work calling you to wake up. Share how you have woken up to a new and wonderful understanding of God through troubles that you would not have chosen for yourself.
  8. Pull out the different pictures of salvation seen in Isaiah 2:1-3. What is the profound meaning of v. 3?
  9. God steps into our darkness and says – here I am. Listen to me. Remember what I have done. I am not asleep. I’m waking you up. The servant of the Lord, named Jesus, has come to redeem you and give you His righteousness.