Wings of Refuge

Congregation: Short North
Series: Fear
Speaker: Christopher Stollar
Scripture Text: Ruth 2

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Discussion Questions
  1. Give a brief overview of the book of Ruth (the story, context and purpose), and a general recap of Ruth 1. Who are the main characters in Ruth 2?
  2. How would you describe Ruth? How would you compare her to Naomi? How does Ruth care for Naomi? How does God protect and provide for her and Naomi? What can we learn from Ruth?
  3. How would you describe Boaz? How does he respond to and care for Ruth and Naomi? What can we learn from Boaz?
  4. The book of Ruth is a story of God’s providence. How do we see him at work in this chapter in the lives of each character? How might this encourage us?
  5. In the bible, God is often referred to as an eagle; here in Ruth 2:12 we see Boaz becoming the Lord’s protective “wings” over Ruth. What are some other verses that describe His wings’ of refuge? God provides this same refuge to us in Christ in our time of need and suffering. How can we display this same refuge to those in our community groups and beyond?