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This page contains sermons, books, and articles compiled by pastors at Veritas Community Church that speak to cultural issues with the gospel as a foundation.

About these resources
  • These resources were compiled by pastors at Veritas Community Church.
  • This page is not meant to be an exhaustive library, nor does Veritas necessarily endorse every point and claim by these authors.
  • These aren’t the only resources we recommend; but they are foundational in helping us understand how the gospel speaks to cultural issues.
  • Consider this a place to start if you’re lost in a sea of information. If you’re looking for more resources, feel free to contact us.


The Gospel is Good News

The Gospel is Good News to: Sexuality

February 23, 2020
Romans 1:18-32

Listen – Joe Byler

Listen – Phil Shimer

Listen – Brad Snyder

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