Our partnership with Safe Families for Children in Columbus is changing. Our local chapter is moving forward to create a separate entity called My Village Ministries. This new ministry will retain the same staff, vision, and mission through offering Biblical hospitality to families in crisis.

Volunteering with My Village Ministries will also look the same and we are always eager to see new host families, community coaches, mentors, and more join our Care Community.

Saturday, April 30th
Discover Christian Church
2900 Martin Rd Dublin OH 43017

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My Village Ministries

My Village Ministries is a ministry partner through which we are able to serve families in crisis. Through biblical hospitality, we can open our homes to children for a short period of time while their parent(s) address a crisis. We get to build relationships with families and show them the love of Christ.

There are many ways to be involved:

  • Host Family: takes in children of parents in crisis. Build relationship with bio parents
  • Community Coach: Provides support to the referring parents who are in crisis and having their kids hosted. Also provide support to the host parents hosting those kids. And you make sure the kids being hosted are safe. Similar to a case manager
  • Care Community: Provide wrap around support to the host parents during a hosting.
  • Ministry Lead: Keeps the ministry going in the church. Usually a team of people.

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