About Soul Care.

What is Soul Care?

At Veritas we believe that God invites people into a relationship of care and transformation through Christ, by his Spirit, alongside his people, and based on his Word.

Soul Care equips men and women in our church family, to experience God’s care in the struggles they may be facing as we follow Jesus together.

Veritas Soul Care provides three primary pathways to help people experience God’s care; Care Groups, Side by Side Care, and Teaching Care. Along with these pathways, we strive to foster a culture of care within our church family—where we intentionally, regularly, and compassionately move toward each other with the comforts of Christ and truth of the Gospel.

Soul Care is not counseling, as the mental health community understands it. Although some Soul Care Leaders may hold professional licenses, they are not counseling under those licenses. We make no claims to offer counseling that follows the commonly accepted theories or models of counseling recognized by the mental health community. Any individual desiring such counseling should seek it from a licensed, mental health provider.

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