How Can I Receive Help?

Soul Care equips through three primary pathways:

Care Groups

We believe that God loves and cares for us in the midst of our brokenness and sin. We also believe that growth happens in community that is full of truth, compassion, honesty, and humility. Sexual Redemption Care Groups provide those at Veritas struggling with various forms of sexual brokenness with a community and opportunity to move towards God for healing and help.

Care Groups will run for 8 weeks this fall beginning with an immersion weekend on September 17th and 18th and continuing on consecutive Sunday afternoons. They are closed, gender-specific, high-commitment groups for men and women at Veritas struggling with the suffering, shame, or sorrow associated with sexual brokenness to experience God’s care and redemption alongside God’s people.

Register for a Care Group

Side by Side Care

For some of our members there are times of uniquely intense struggles or times of crisis and for others there are ongoing sufferings related to chronically painful realities. Our Soul Care Leaders are fellow-members of the church who are gifted and trained in caring to provide you with someone to talk to who wants to be a fellow brother or sister in Christ in your story and equip you to experience God’s presence in whatever you are facing.

If you’re interested in taking a step towards receiving care, or simply would like some guidance about what your next step towards care might be, email or fill out our Soul Care Request Form. We will follow up with all Soul Care Requests within 3 business days. If your need is urgent, please check out the emergency resource page.

Soul Care Request Form

Teaching Care

We also equip through supplying resources for further thought and study and by offering periodic trainings and classes and to our members and Community Group Leaders to learn how to help others around you experience the loving care of God.

Learn more about the class we offer here.

“Soul Care,” as it’s described on this page, is only available for those who are attending Veritas with the Short North Congregation. If you are looking for something similar, and you belong to another congregation, please talk with a pastor at your congregation.x
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