Substance over Shadow

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Date Title Scripture Preacher Sermon
March 8, 2021Better and Abiding PossessionHebrews 10:32-39Ryan CoholichListen
March 8, 2021Confidence and EnduranceHebrews 10:32-39Joe BylerListen
March 8, 2021West Sermon 3.7.21Hebrews 10:32-39Phil ShimerListen
February 28, 2021A Warning and a ComfortHebrews 10:26-31PJ WenzelListen
February 28, 2021Don’t Reject The Grace of GodHebrews 10:26-31Parris PaydenListen
February 28, 2021The Hands of a Living GodHebrews 10:26-31Phil ShimerListen
February 21, 2021Let UsHebrews 10:19-25Joe BylerListen
February 21, 2021Drawing Near to God and One AnotherHebrews 10:19-25Brad SnyderListen
February 21, 2021West Sermon 2.21.2021Hebrews 10:19-25Phil ShimerListen
February 15, 2021It Is FinishedHebrews 10:1-18Brad SnyderListen
February 14, 2021Perfected And Being SanctifiedHebrews 10:1-18Joe BylerListen
February 7, 2021Nothing But the BloodHebrews 9:15-28Parris PaydenListen
February 7, 2021Christ’s Blood, Our HopeHebrews 9:15-28Jeremy HartListen
February 7, 2021Freedom Is HereHebrews 9:15-28Phil ShimerListen
November 22, 2020God Does Not LieHebrews 6:13-20Parris PaydenListen
November 22, 2020Tri-City Sermon 11.22.2002Hebrews 6:13-20PJ WenzelListen
November 17, 2020West Sermon 11.15.20Hebrews 6:4-12Phil ShimerListen
November 15, 2020A Warning and a PromiseHebrews 6:4-12Brad SnyderListen
November 15, 2020Confident In Better ThingsHebrews 6:4-12Joe BylerListen
November 8, 2020Time to Grow UpHebrews 5:11-6:3Brad SnyderListen
November 8, 2020Maturing in ChristHebrews 5:11-6:3Parris PaydenListen
November 8, 2020The Call to MaturityHebrews 5:11-6:3Joe BylerListen
November 1, 2020Jesus: Qualified as High PriestHebrews 5:1-10Ryan CoholichListen
November 1, 2020Qualified to ComfortHebrews 5:1-10Phil ShimerListen
November 1, 2020Fully QualifiedHebrews 5:1-10Joe BylerListen
October 26, 2020Rest RecievedHebrews 4:14-16Phil ShimerListen
October 26, 2020The Great High PriestHebrews 4:14-16Joe BylerListen
October 19, 2020Running or RestHebrews 4:12-13Phil ShimerListen
October 18, 2020The Living And Active WordHebrews 4:12-13Brad SnyderListen
October 18, 2020Short North Sermon 10.18.20Hebrews 4:12-13Geoff DavisListen
October 13, 2020Jesus: Better Than the RestHebrews 4:1-11Brad SnyderListen
October 12, 2020West Sermon 10.11.20Hebrews 4:1-11Phil ShimerListen
October 12, 2020Short North Sermon 10.11.20Hebrews 4:1-11Parris PaydenListen
October 5, 2020Tri-City Sermon 10.4.20Hebrews 3:7-19Ryan CoholichListen
October 5, 2020West Sermon 10.4.20Hebrews 3:7-19Phil ShimerListen
October 5, 2020Short North Sermon 10.4.20Hebrews 3:7-19Parris PaydenListen
September 27, 2020Consider Jesus: He is FaithfulHebrews 3:1-6Joe BylerListen
September 27, 2020The Greater LiberatorHebrews 3:1-6Phil ShimerListen
September 27, 2020Jesus Reveals God to Us and Reconciles Us to GodHebrews 3:1-6Brad SnyderListen
September 20, 2020Founder of Our Salvation Perfect Through SufferingHebrews 2:10-18Ryan CoholichListen
September 20, 2020Purpose in SufferingHebrews 2:10-18Phil ShimerListen
September 20, 2020Perfect Through SufferingHebrews 2:10-18Joe BylerListen
September 13, 2020We See Him Crowned over CreationHebrews 2:5-9Brad SnyderListen
September 13, 2020The Destiny of ManHebrews 2:5-9Ryan CoholichListen
September 13, 2020Our Ultimate HopeHebrews 2:5-9Joe BylerListen
September 6, 2020The Danger of DriftingHebrews 2:1-4Brad SnyderListen
September 6, 2020A Warning and the Way OutHebrews 2:1-4Matt MartinListen
August 30, 2020Jesus: Better than AngelsHebrews 1:4-14Phil ShimerListen
August 30, 2020Greater than AngelsHebrews 1:4-14Brad SnyderListen
August 30, 2020Jesus: Superior to AngelsHebrews 1:4-14Joe BylerListen
August 23, 2020Jesus is BetterHebrews 1:1-3Joe BylerListen
August 23, 2020Jesus : Revealer and RedeemerHebrews 1:1-3Phil ShimerListen
August 23, 2020The Revealer of God the Redeemer of ManHebrews 1:1-3Brad SnyderListen
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