The Problem of Pain

We’re told to hide our pain. We’re told that if we can just read more books, pray harder, keep busy we can overcome depression, anxiety, addiction, doubt, and sexual struggles. But God has a greater vision for our lives as one who can sympathize with our pain. Jesus calls the worn down travelers to find peace in him, to experience his pride-shattering grace that sets us free from condemnation. Join us and invite family and friends as we explore what it means to journey in pain while clinging to Jesus and the hope of his promises.


Date Title Scripture Preacher Sermon
December 8, 2014Hurt In MarriageLuke Brad SnyderListen
December 8, 2014SexualityColossians Nick NyeListen
December 2, 2014Tragedy, Death, and IllnessLuke Brad SnyderListen
December 2, 2014DoubtJude Josh RemyListen
November 25, 2014AddictionJeremiah Brad SnyderListen
November 25, 2014AddictionRomans 7Shane HueyListen
November 19, 2014DepressionPsalms Brad SnyderListen
November 18, 2014DepressionPsalms Nick NyeListen
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