Books as Resources

These resources have been used by Veritas preachers to prepare sermons.

The Gospel for Real Life by Jerry Bridges
Christian Beliefs by Wayne A. Grudem and Elliot Grudem
The Pastoral Epistles by Donald Guthrie
Core Christianity by Michael Horton
The Disciple-Making Pastor by Bill Hull
Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller
The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller
The Pastoral Epistles by George W. Knight III
Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis
Down-to-Earth Discipling by Scott Morton
Basic Christianity by John Stott
The Message of 1 Timothy & Titus by John Stott
The Gospel-Centered Life by Robert H Thune
The Letters to Timothy and Titus by Philip H. Towner
Entrusted with the Gospel by Andreas J. Kostenberger and Terry L. Wilder
1 & 2 Timothy and Titus by N.T. Wright
Simply Christian by N. T. Wright

Download Discipleship Guide

Veritas pastors and other leaders wrote short articles for reflection to go along with each week’s sermon text. These will be a great resource not only for you to use personally, but also to use in community for discussion with others in your community group. This guide is also available on our app.

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Date Title Scripture Preacher Sermon
November 28, 2016Finish Well2 Timothy 4:9-22Tom ThompsonListen
November 27, 2016The Community of Discipleship2 Timothy 4:9-22Brad SnyderListen
November 27, 2016A Community Of Hope2 Timothy 4:9-22Joe BylerListen
November 27, 2016The Faithfulness of God2 Timothy 4:9-22Aaron LockhartListen
November 21, 2016Fulfill Your Ministry2 Timothy 4:1-8Wes ThompsonListen
November 20, 2016Paul’s Last Encouragement and Eulogy2 Timothy 4:1-8Brad SnyderListen
November 20, 2016Fulfill Your Ministry2 Timothy 4:1-8Joe BylerListen
November 20, 2016Fulfill Your Ministry2 Timothy 4:1-8Nick NyeListen
November 13, 2016Inspired, Sufficient, and Authoritative2 Timothy 3:10-17Nick NyeListen
November 13, 2016The Breath of God2 Timothy 3:10-17Brad SnyderListen
November 13, 2016The Disciple and the Word of God2 Timothy 3:10-17Aaron LockhartListen
November 13, 2016The Inspired, Sufficient and Authoritative Word of God2 Timothy 3:10-17Joe BylerListen
November 6, 2016Greater Love2 Timothy 3:1-9Brad SnyderListen
November 6, 2016Christian Discipleship is Counter-Cultural2 Timothy 3:1-9Wes ThompsonListen
November 6, 2016Christian Discipleship is Counter Cultural2 Timothy 3:1-9Aaron LockhartListen
November 6, 2016Faithful Discipleship In the Midst Of Opposition2 Timothy 2:14-26 - 3:1-9Joe BylerListen
October 30, 2016Cutting a Straight Path2 Timothy 2:14-26Brad SnyderListen
October 30, 2016Being Used of God for the Work of Ministry2 Timothy 2:14-26Joe ValentinoListen
October 30, 2016Your Words and the Word of God2 Timothy 2:14-26Jason FisherListen
October 23, 2016For The Journey: Persevere in Suffering2 Timothy 2:1-13Joe BylerListen
October 23, 2016The Strength of Discipleship2 Timothy 2:1-13Aaron LockhartListen
October 23, 2016Strength to Endure Suffering Together2 Timothy 2:1-13Chris LawsonListen
October 23, 2016The Call to Mission2 Timothy 2:1-13Brad SnyderListen
October 16, 2016Suffering2 Timothy 1:1-18Wes ThompsonListen
October 16, 2016The Good News and the Suffering It Brings2 Timothy 1:1-18Ryan StanleyListen
October 16, 2016Suffering for the Gospel2 Timothy 1:1-18Aaron LockhartListen
October 16, 2016Fanning the Flame2 Timothy 1Brad SnyderListen
October 9, 2016Encouragement To a Struggling Friend1 Timothy 6:11-21Ryan StanleyListen
October 9, 2016Real Life: Generosity and a View of God1 Timothy 6:11-21Aaron LockhartListen
October 9, 2016Contentment and Generosity1 Timothy 6:11-21Joe BylerListen
October 9, 2016Generosity: The Overflow of Contentment1 Timothy 6:11-21Chris LawsonListen
October 2, 2016Possessions and Contentment1 Timothy 6:6-10Wes ThompsonListen
October 2, 2016Possessions and Contentment1 Timothy 6:3-10Aaron LockhartListen
October 2, 2016Godliness with Contentment1 Timothy 6:2b-10Nick NyeListen
October 2, 2016Godliness and Contentment1 Timothy 6:2b-10Joe BylerListen
September 25, 2016Honor, Mercy, and Relationships1 Timothy 5:1-25Brad SnyderListen
September 25, 2016Honor, Mercy, and Relationship1 Timothy 5:1-25; 6:1-2Nick NyeListen
September 25, 2016Healthy Relationships1 Timothy 5:1-25Aaron LockhartListen
September 25, 2016Honor, Mercy, and Relationships1 Timothy 5:1-25Wes ThompsonListen
September 18, 2016Persisting in Gospel Mission1 Timothy 4:1-16Brad SnyderListen
September 18, 2016The Work of Discipleship1 Timothy 4:1-16Joe BylerListen
September 18, 2016Disciples Pursue Godliness1 Timothy 4:1-16Aaron LockhartListen
September 18, 2016The Gospel in All of Life1 Timothy 4:1-16Wes ThompsonListen
September 12, 2016The Church: Leadership and Character1 Timothy 3Joe BylerListen
September 12, 2016Leading with Character1 Timothy 3Brad SnyderListen
September 12, 2016Leading with Character1 Timothy 3:1-16Aaron LockhartListen
September 11, 2016Leading with Character1 Timothy 3:1-16Wes ThompsonListen
September 4, 2016The Desire and Design of God for the Church1 Timothy 2:1-15Brad SnyderListen
September 4, 2016The Praying Church: God’s Desire and Design1 Timothy 2Joe BylerListen
September 4, 2016Christian Disciples Pray1 Timothy 2:1-15Rob MeyersListen
August 28, 2016Right Belief about God1 Timothy 1:3-20Wes ThompsonListen
August 28, 2016Believing Truth: Worship and Warfare1 Timothy 1:3-20Brad SnyderListen
August 28, 2016The Theological Bullseye1 Timothy 1:3-20Nick NyeListen
August 28, 2016Right Belief about God1 Timothy 1:3-20Aaron LockhartListen
August 21, 2016Discipleship in Action1 Timothy 1:1-2Wes ThompsonListen
August 21, 2016Discipleship: True Child in the Faith1 Timothy 1:1-2Brad SnyderListen
August 21, 2016The Call to Discipleship1 Timothy 1:1-2Joe BylerListen
August 21, 2016The Heart of Discipleship1 Timothy 1:1-2Aaron LockhartListen
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