As we continue to see the deep, devastating roots of racism and division, we must remember that we are in a spiritual battle. The evil one would like nothing more than for his darts of hate, pride, and prejudice to divide and destroy the church.

In the fall of 2020 we called all of Veritas into a week-long journey of prayer for racial unity. Join us as we pray, fast, and learn. We’re growing to understand how the Gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to “do justice, and to love kindness.” (Micah 6:8)

The truth revealed through the Bible gives us a gospel-framework to understand racism, oppression and God’s heart for Justice. The culture has a narrative on all of this that is skewed to fit their personal or political desires – and if we’re not formed around God’s truth, then our hearts will do the same thing.

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Each morning, you’ll receive an email that will include resources for learning and a prayer guide for that day. Each day will include a short video where we’ll walk through a gospel understanding of the different aspects around the topics of racism, reconciliation, and unity as well as additional resources:

Day 1: Made in the Image of God
Day 2: Lament
Day 3: Repentance
Day 4: Redeeming Unity in the Church
Day 5: Restoration in the World

Plan ahead to set aside 20-30 minutes each day to listen to the videos, to learn and pray alongside our church family. All for the glory of Jesus – that the world would know and be transformed by His restoring grace and salvation! We need the Lord to bring restoration, reconciliation and healing to our communities, cities, nation and to our world. Let us come before Him together.

Day 1: Image of God

Understanding how the gospel shapes our response to the injustice of racism is so important. Pastor Phil, from our West congregation, will be leading the conversation in this video, talking through how we are all created in the image of God and as image bearers of God, every person, from every tribe, tongue and nation has God given value and significance.

Day 2: Lament

There is so much evil and brokenness that permeates in and through our world, nation and communities. Lauren, our Worship Director from the Short North congregation, will be leading the conversation in this video, talking through why lament is so important, specifically in the context of racism and injustice, and what it looks like to cry out to God and how important it is to pray in the midst of it all.

Day 3: Repentance

God is a God who loves justice and hates injustice. Pastor Brad, from the Tri-City congregation, will be leading the conversation in this video on repentance. Justice is at the heart of the gospel. Jesus hung on the cross, identifying with us to satisfy the righteous justice of God. Therefore, we who have been justified by Christ should continually seek God to reveal any sinful way within us.

Day 4: Unity

Scripture describes the church as being the body of Christ and our Lord calls us to be united with one another. Pastor Parris, from the Short North congregation, will be leading the conversation in this video on the unity we are called to as members of the body of Christ. Christ has already achieved unity for us, but we must strive to live into this as brothers and sisters in Him.

Day 5: Restoration in the World

Pastor Joe, from the Short North Congregation, will be leading the conversation in this video about the hope that we have in God to heal and restore the world. Our ultimate hope isn’t in the right politics or leaders or perfect systems or people finally learning to love and not be selfish – we certainly should press into these things to see changes, because, yes, they are a part of how the change will come – but our ultimate hope is in the reality that God has promised to renew and restore the whole world! And in fact, His power and kingdom has started that work here and now!

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