Date Title Scripture Preacher Sermon
August 14, 2016The Fear of the LordProverbs 19:23AJ JohnsListen
August 14, 2016The Fear of the Lord and HumilityProverbs 22:4Joe BylerListen
August 14, 2016The Wise WomanProverbs 31:10-31Brad SnyderListen
August 14, 2016RestProverbs 19:23aWes ThompsonListen
August 7, 2016Our Relational ExistenceProverbs 3:7, 12:15, 16:2, 21:2, 26:12, 27:17Ryan StanleyListen
August 7, 2016Wisdom in Godly CounselProverbs 19:20; 27:5-6Aaron LockhartListen
August 7, 2016Commit Your Work to the LordProverbs 16:1-3Matt MartinListen
July 31, 2016God, Sex, and MarriageProverbs 5, 6:20-29, 7:6-27Scott HambrickListen
July 31, 2016SexualityProverbs 7Joe BylerListen
July 31, 2016The Character of God…Our Strong TowerProverbs 18:10Aaron LockhartListen
July 31, 2016SufferingJob 14:1-2Wes ThompsonListen
July 24, 2016Keep Your HeartProverbs 4:20-27Garrison GreeneListen
July 24, 2016Character TensionsProverbs 10:9Wes ThompsonListen
July 24, 2016Proverbs and ParentingProverbs 3:11-12, 13:24, 29:17Dan HarlessListen
July 17, 2016Fear and AnxietyProverbs 12:25, 13:12, 29:25Brad SnyderListen
July 17, 2016The Power of the TongueProverbs 18:21Joe BylerListen
July 17, 2016Friendship in CommunityProverbs 13:20Wes ThompsonListen
July 10, 2016Justice and MercyProverbs 14:31Brad SnyderListen
July 10, 2016StewardshipProverbs Joe ValentinoListen
July 10, 2016GenerosityProverbs 28:25Geoff DavisListen
July 3, 2016Work and RestProverbs 8:22-31; 22:29; 23:4-5; 3:21-24; 6:6-11Brad SnyderListen
July 3, 2016Discipline, Trials and God’s LoveProverbs 3:11-12Joe BylerListen
July 3, 2016Mercy And Community DevelopmentProverbs 14:21Wes ThompsonListen
June 26, 2016Envy, Jealousy, and ThankfulnessProverbs 14:30; 27:4; 23:17-18Brad SnyderListen
June 26, 2016Justified To Do JusticeProverbs 14:31Matt MartinListen
June 26, 2016SexProverbs 10:16Wes ThompsonListen
June 19, 2016Wisdom: Trust the Lord Doubt YourselfProverbs 3:1-12Brad SnyderListen
June 19, 2016AddictionProverbs 21:17aWes ThompsonListen
June 19, 2016Friendship & CommunityProverbs 27:17Joe BylerListen
June 12, 2016StewardshipProverbs 3:9; 30:8-9Jason FisherListen
June 12, 2016Wisdom for the Weary and AnxiousProverbs 3:1-8Joe BylerListen
June 12, 2016HumilityProverbs 16:18-19Wes ThompsonListen
June 5, 2016Going to God for Wisdom and for Our GoodProverbs 1:1-7Matt MartinListen
June 5, 2016The Beginning of WisdomProverbs 1PJ WenzelListen
June 5, 2016Decision MakingProverbs Garrison GreeneListen
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