Worship At Home

Worship at Home

By Josie Gresh. Prioritizing corporate worship, even when the only place to gather is online, demonstrates to our children a high and holy view of the local church and shapes their identities as God-worshipers.

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Elsa: The Image Bearer

Elsa the Image Bearer: Bringing Gospel Truths into Everyday Life with Kids

by Melissa Davis: Even from a young age we all have a sense that there is some greater calling on our lives. There is something we ought to be doing. There must be a reason why I am here. Maybe we don’t all sing from the tops of cliffs or set ice crystals off across an entire city; but, the undertones of the experience are so deeply wired into image bearers.

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Trapped: Informed and Isolated

An article by Jessica Selway on fixing our eyes on Jesus. “The longer I’m separated from loved ones, I become increasingly prone to uncertainty and worry.”

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A Broken World Bound Up

A Poem by P.J. Wenzel What I see brings me low Raises questions within my soul Opens pleading fountains from my eyes For the answers I’d like to know

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Love That Nailed Him There

It is because of God’s love that he would allow his own creation to nail him to a cross of wood.

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Biblical Hospitality during Covid19

During COVID-19, hospitality can go on! Here are some ideas and ways to show God’s love with another in this time.

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Thriving with God

Thriving with God during COVID-19

These days are revealing. They reveal our fears and idols— reveal our character, and that of our community and civic leaders.

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