Tutor during your lunch hour


Veritas is looking for more tutors to help at Weinland Park Elementary during the Tuesday lunch hour. Tutors will have the chance to individually invest in and impact not only the student’s life, but the life of a family and ultimately, the transformation of the neighborhood. If you’re interested, email Amy Byler (amy.byler@veritascolumbus.com) for more information. This partnership is through the Columbus Tutoring Initiative.

Here are some great reasons for why you should tutor at Weinland Park during your lunch hour:

  • It will only take 30 minutes. You can sign up to tutor one kid for thirty minutes, or you can tutor two kids in one hour. If you’re unsure about limitations you have with your employer, ask about it. You’ll be surprised how many employers will accommodate and even encourage things like this.
  • You’ll make a child feel special. It’s rare for a child to have undivided attention from an adult for thirty minutes in a week. Recognizing the value of such a unique relationship, you’ll have the power to equip a student with the kind of encouragement and attention he/she needs to overcome barriers in reading.
  • You’ll help a child read. Educators agree that literacy is important for intellectual and personal growth. Reading skills are some of the most valuable gifts a mentor can give to a child.
  • You’ll work alongside Veritas members. This opportunity isn’t estranged from the core of Veritas. Serve C’Bus is committed to developing Weinland Park. When you walk in the doors of Weinland Park Elementary, you’ll see friends and even staff from Veritas. Already, there is a handful of Veritas folk who are signed up to tutor. Join them!
  • Here are some testimonies of young professionals who have participated with the Columbus Tutoring Initiative in similar neighborhoods to Weinland Park.




School is in session, and this program starts soon. So please sign up now! Contact amy.byler@veritascolumbus.com for details.