Taking the gospel to work

The people of Veritas want to know how the Gospel should be influencing the work they do. David Mustine is hosting an ongoing series called The Gospel at Work.” At the last seminar, fifty individuals attended, recognizing that their jobs represent more than just a paycheck. In a sense, many of them are responding to the view of work that their parents’ generation had; one that tended to be more pragmatic. But I also sensed that many are tired of trying to define and identify themselves through their work. It’s exhausting to constantly prove that you’re talented enough, smart enough or have done enough to justify your existence, and especially for millennials entering a particularly stressful labor market, just getting in the door seems impossible at times.

So what does it look like to take Jesus to work with us if we’re not on staff with a church, and if we want to do more than just earn a paycheck, all while not making an idol out of our career? A growing body of literature is being written about the complexities of how to do our work unto the Lord, no matter our title or profession, and a movement is taking shape as Christians seek to redeem their work and their cities through their vocational callings. More importantly, as members of Veritas begin to inquire about how the sacred and seemingly more secular parts of their lives can all fall under the ownership of Christ, a synergy will begin to take place through which the Spirit of God will transform Columbus in ways we could not imagine- in ways that blow the roof off of what it looks like to serve our neighbors, friends, and colleagues.

My vision is for laborers to see the impact their work can have beyond how it provides for their families. My vision is for people to see how their technical work can contribute to something bigger than their employers’ bottom line. And my vision is for professional leaders to recognize how they can serve their church and their city with the experience and connections with which God has blessed them. As we begin to connect more and more around the themes of faith and work, I believe that we will see God redeem our work and our city through our work.

Matthew Martin
Pastor, Short North