Veritas Installs Two New Pastors

Veritas is installing two new pastors to serve the Short North congregation. The installation will take place at the Short North on Sunday, April 12th 2015.

The office of elder is not for men with potential. Though many men hope for the office of elder within the church and all men should have the character of an elder, God has only called those who He has qualified and made ready within the church. Some men can be in process for many years while others might be ready in a few months and even still other may be needed to be godly, faithful men in the church without a title. However, a slow eldership process is not to stifle growth, encourage elitism or frustrate; it is to see character in action, get to know personalities, and learn gifting. We believe that talent can be made in a microwave but godly character is made in a crockpot…[read more]

Read the Process of Becoming an Elder

Taelor Gray

Taelor Gray

Short North Pastor

Taelor Gray was born in Columbus, OH, where he has been rooted since. He attended private Christian schools grades K-8, and graduated high school from Groveport Madison. Raised by parents intent on living to honor Christ, faith has informed all of Taelor’s life. He and his family faithfully attended a charismatic, Pentecostal church, where he learned a great deal about the Bible and built lasting relationships. After high school, Taelor was accepted into The Ohio State University, where he would eventually graduate in 2006. After a time of living a sinful lifestyle and departing from his upbringing, the Lord captured His life in the summer of his sophomore year. He trusted Christ and began walking with Jesus, and eventually started to serve at his father’s newly founded church in 2004. Since then, Taelor has served in many capacities— leading high school, young adult, and youth ministries, city and community outreach, prison ministry, and as an elder. He has served in both urban and suburban church contexts, with a prayer that by God’s grace, His Church would embody an eternal apologetic for diversity. Taelor is a self-proclaimed “reformed charismatic” who enjoys writing rhythmic poetry, being a comic book geek, and spending time with his wife Liz, and son Levi.

Geoff Davis

Short North Pastor &
Central Operations Director

Geoff Davis was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up in a Christian home and attended Christian schools, but it wasn’t until late in high school that he came to know Jesus and as the Lord graciously removed idols from his life. Geoff attended Ohio State University where he was a leader in a para-church organization. Following graduation in 2009, he married his wife, Jessica. Geoff began working for Veritas in 2010 and has served the church in a variety of roles. Currently, he serves as the Central Operations Director through which he helps oversee financial, legal, and administrative concerns for all Veritas congregations. Geoff and Jessica live in Weinland Park with their kids, Lyla (2 years) and Graeme (6 months).