Day Two in Nepal – Bhaktapur

Won’t be able to write for up to five days. Leading an Operation Mobilization (OM) team in assessment of a village in Rusuwa, a district along the Chinese border. OM has relations with several churches in this area. It seems the village was decimated. The people have been living in the jungle since the quake two Saturdays ago, are without shelter, sufficient food, and medical care. We take a helicopter in tomorrow (translator/guide, two medical staff, director of Samaritan’s Purse Relief: Nepal, myself), do the assessment and then relay the info via a sat phone back to the OM base. OM will then fill a truck with needed supplies and send it ASAP. Hope to post pics and aerial videos when I return. Until then, please pray for these people, and that we might effectively minister to them at this incredibly difficult, life-altering time. Appreciate you all. – Matt Hamilton

BhaktapurSome of the many tents in Bhaktapur for the displaced.

2. Bhaktapur

3. Bhaktapur

BhaktapurFriend, David Bopp. Notice the beams wedged against the building to prevent it from toppling.

5. Bhaktapur lines off groundNepali ingenuity to keep the lines off the ground.

BhaktapurThe side wall completely fell off; a view into these one room homes. Notice the random green door still hanging on.

BhaktapurNotice the large crack running from the ground nearly to the top; and again, the beams wedged against the building to prevent it from toppling. This like many of the homes in Bhaktapur must be torn down.

BhaktapurBhaktapur, an older district in the valley, was hit hard. It’s estimated that 80% of all buildings either collapsed or so damaged that they must be torn down.

BhaktapurMany homes were literally reduced to rubble. As we walked this 20ft mound of debris, we were quite aware of the probability that several dead bodies were still underneath.

10. Bhaktapur