Days 3-9 in Upper Rasuwa, Nepal

As the rescue and response stages of this disaster are coming to a close, Nepal looks now to rehabilitation and reconstruction. These two stages will take much longer—years. There is growing concern that the rest of the world will begin to see aerial shots of KTM and cease in both their giving and prayer. The reason for this is that KTM is largely OK. Yes, many buildings were destroyed; and many more buildings suffered such unseen (from the outside) damage that they will have to be demolished and rebuilt; but most buildings in KTM will continue to stand. However, homes in villages located nearer the epicenter are a different story. In the Rasuwa district 90% plus of all homes were either destroyed or face demolition. And this is the situation of hundreds of such villages throughout Nepal’s mountainous landscape. These remote villages must not be forgotten. The immediate need is temporary shelter. Monsoon rains are coming. If the people are not properly spread out in bamboo and tarp (or other) structures, the rains will only bring sickness and disease. The rains also bring the threat of further landslides and building collapse. Many villages are threatened by new streams of water flowing from new cracks in the mountain formed by the quake. In cooperation with Samaratin’s Purse, OM hopes to distribute many more (hundreds) of tarps in the Rasuwa area, which they have adopted as a focal point. Additionally, we are considering the need for structural engineers who can handle the mountainous terrain, and offer educated advice to Nepalis already rebuilding their masonry and clay homes. In coming days, we hope also to provide the Rasuwa area with a much needed medical clinic. While the needs are chronic rather than acute emergency needs, medical relief is proving to be a source of comfort and encouragement in this time of desperation. Please continue to pray for Nepal. Pray that as OM and other orgs press on, the good news they bring in addition to the material relief will win hearts in what has traditionally been a very resistant area spiritually.

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Devastated Churches

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The Road between Dhunche and China

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Damage in the KTM Valley

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