Portal Shelters in Pokhari, Gorkha, Nepal

As most of you already know that Nepal has been devastated by the earthquake, we are trying to reach a very few people who have been badly affected. Now it was been about three months. We have begun our project of reconstructions. Many organization have distributed tarps and tents. But now monsoon has arrived it will be very difficult for people to stay in tarps or tents. With much prayer we have started doing a project of Portal Shelter. We would love to help as many as we could but we can’t reach all the people. However we have shared with some of our friends and requested to pray for this project.

We have selected a Pokhari, village in Barpark, Gorkha which was also the epicenter of the earthquake. A month before we had done a survey and came to know that people there are in need of a temporary shelter. Then we shared to them about the Portal Shelter. And the leaders of the village were very excited because a house can be built within 30 minutes. They couldn’t believe it. But just four days back when we went and built for them they were excited. They couldn’t believe it.

Well it took us many days to receive the materials. And when the materials came we had a transportation problem. Nobody wanted to go through this route because it was very dangerous. By the grace of God we found one and when I saw the driver I couldn’t believe him because he was 24 years. However he said “as far as the truck goes I will go”.

Anyway the truck reached the village after two days. And the villagers had to hike with their materials on the mountain for 2.5 hours. At a time they could carry only three pieces of tins. And they had nine tins and some rods and wire.

We had to wait until the materials arrived at the village. Finally some materials arrived on the second day. We started to work in the afternoon. Within the evening we have 16 shelters. So far we have completed 45 shelters. And we are supposed to build 85 shelter in Pokhari village. Please pray that it will not rain. If it rains it will be very difficult.

We are planning to do built more shelters in some of the other villages. The cost of each shelter is Rs. 10000 ($ 10) excluding transportations. It will be possibly only if we have enough budget. And on the other hand there are no materials in the market. Please do pray for it.

Thank you!
Hari Bahadur Karki, Yuhanna Ghale and Dhan Bahadur Ghale