Summer of Bible

Read Psalm 119

As we walked through our summer series based on the Psalms we were forced to confront emotions that we possibly may take for granted, or emotions that we have hidden and have pressed down deep inside our souls. That is why the Psalms are so necessary for us as Christians. They help us not just understand, but also communicate our feelings and emotions as we labor on the earth. There are so many psalms that help us process our questions, there are multiple passages that are calls of rejoicing in the Lord, and we can read time and time again the songs of suffering that give a voice to our pain.

How do we interact with these words? It seems the obvious answer is read them. But can words on a page grip our hearts with passion like a tearful conversation with a friend? Or lift our spirit to amazing heights of joy as if we were standing on the pinnacle of a mountain? There are many books that can carry us away by our imaginations. Books that can whisk us away from our troubles. But simple escape is temporary. The bible is not just a book. There is a Psalm that leads each Christian to celebrate and understand the bible and how it not only encourages, but serves; the bible not only provides, but cares; the bible is alive. Psalm 119 guides our hearts to revel in God’s word.

The bible is not a book of information to live the right and correct life. It’s not a how-to book on belonging to the moral crowd. The bible is literally God’s voice for us. God chose to reveal Himself in the form of the bible for everyone to experience Him. I encourage you to pour over Psalm 119 and move slowly. Soak in the nuances of the Psalmist’s emotions. He celebrates, he questions, he proclaims, he makes earnest requests of the Lord. The emotions in Psalm 119 go up and down. A feeling we all experience. What the Psalm shows us is how the word of God engages us, and how we can build a true, personal relationship with God.

Read Psalm 119 and find where you are in the psalm. Allow yourself to be found. God doesn’t reveal himself for his efforts to come back empty. God is speaking to you. He is doing it in a miraculous way through the written words of scripture.

by Jeff Beisel