Aaron Lockhart Installed as Lead Pastor of East

Aaron Lockhart was installed as lead pastor of the Veritas East congregation on August 23rd. Aaron was born in Pittsburgh, PA. He was raised in a loving home with both parents and a big brother and sister, was taught the scriptures at a young age, and gave his heart to Christ as a five-year-old. As Aaron grew, he learned that there was more to being a Christian than simply “saying so.” At the age of nine he further embraced his faith and began evangelizing the schoolyard, eventually earning the nickname “A-Rev” from his closest friends (“A-Lo” to the rest). After straying from an intimate walk with God during college, Aaron returned to his first love (Christ) and began serving in the choir and youth ministry in his home church in Pittsburgh. He started a basketball ministry and transitioned into the role of Chairman of the Board of Christian Education. Aaron then answered the call to minister the Word of God and preached his licensing sermon in June of 2007. Since then he served as Associate Pastor of Rolling Fields Baptist Church in Jeffersonville, IN with a focus on community development and evangelism and as an Eastside community group leader as a member of Veritas.