A Look at What’s Happening with Our Team in Nepal

In October, 2015, a team of people from Veritas (Heather, Brad, Mark, and Courtney) flew to Nepal for a ten day vision trip in Nepal to minister and experience the culture. This trip is connected to Veritas Tri-Village‘s larger presence in Nepal. In addition to recent disaster relief efforts, Mark and Christine Ferch ministered in Nepal for several years. In 2014, Mark and Christine Ferch returned to Columbus, got married, and are now expecting their first child. Part of this current vision trip is to link arms with Sojourn Network-Nepal national partner Hari Chetri as Veritas enters the early stages of sending the Ferchs back to Nepal longterm.

The trip presented the team with unforgettable moments and heart-deep reflections. Brad Snyder, Lead Pastor of Tri-Village, shared, “The idolatry of a foreign culture is much more obvious and shocking than the idolatry rooted in your own culture that you are desensitized to. Truly loving people goes so far as to hate the idols, lies and sins that enslave and destroy them. Being here has helped me to see how much I fail to love people in my own culture whose idols, lies and sins I am comfortable with.”

Enjoy the photos and videos from the team as they are in their final days at Nepal.


“These are the moments I always wished I could share with my friends and family back home. We trekked through the rice patties, one by one, and I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. This was my life for two years, and I pray it will be my family’s life in years to come. I am filled with such joy at the knowledge of sharing these experiences with my Veritas family. You can tell the stories of sharing the Gospel with farmers, blacksmiths, school children and grandmothers, but to do these things together weaves bonds that will never be broken.” – Mark Ferch


“Hindu worshiping. You will notice on the ground that burnt offerings are being offered. The colorful flags hanging above are called Buddhist prayer flags. Being at this place was physically very dark and sad. My ‘western’ perception of the Buddhist religion was glamorized. I am reminded that this war is not against flesh and blood. Praise be to God for already conquering the war.” – Heather Hambrick

Women in Nepal

“Four women were marching down the mountain side carrying these baskets.” – Heather Hambrick

Hari and Brad

“My friend Hari, he’s a church planter in Kathmandu and doing incredible things to serve and reach his country with the gospel.” – Brad Snyder

Click here to view a slideshow of more images from the trip.