Biblical Hospitality during Covid19

During COVID-19, hospitality can go on! Here are some ideas and ways to show God’s love with another in this time.

  1. Pray. I cannot stress this enough. Pray for God’s providence. Pray that you trust his sovereignty. Pray that you believe he is good. Pray for your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone else that could be at greater risk. Pray for those with depression and anxiety that they would not feel even more isolated. Pray for opportunities to meet the needs of others. Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel and provide hope during a time that seems hopeless to many. As you pray, trust God, His goodness, his sovereignty, and that his will will be done.
  2. Start a group text chat with your community group where you can share prayer requests, needs, or anything else. This can just be a place you can talk to one another and have community even if you cannot gather.
  3. Make the most out apps like facetime and skype. Hearing a voice on the phone is nice but seeing them or letting them see you could be really encouraging.
  4. Get involved in your local civic association facebook group getting to know the needs of your neighbors and community.
  5. When you go to the store, buy a little extra (tp, hand sanitizer, milk, bread, diapers, wipes etc) not to hoard for yourself but so you can share with others.
  6. As you go to the store offer to shop for those that are higher risk so they do not have to go out.
  7. Offer to help with childcare for those parents who still have to leave home for work.
  8. Support local businesses as much as you can or are willing. Their livelihood is being effected in very real and tangible ways, and in some cases their ability to keep employees or keep their doors open throughout this time will be in jeopardy.
  9. Start a “game exchange” with friends and neighbors. Many families and kids like to play games but get tired of the same games over and over, so exchanging games with others can help out with a stir crazy bunch of kids.
  10. Go for walks in your neighborhood, either by yourself or with your family. Even if you don’t interact with someone directly, a passing wave or hello, or just the site of seeing people out and not hunkered down in fear can be really encouraging.

These are just a list of suggestions, they are not by any means mandates for you to do. Please consider these and any other ways you can think of to practice hospitality, but please als do what’s best for your family and their safety. Many people are living in a state of fear and anxiety and want to be as distant as they possibly can so please be respectful of the boundaries they are putting up as well.

A quick prayer for you is that you will be a joyful, gracious, generous practitioner of hospitality for God’s glory and the sake of those around you. Amen!

by David El-Khouri