Clout Guide

Last Updated: January 12, 2020 Contact: Derek Nicol

It’s straightforward for us on staff to know how much clout, especially with communications and operations, we give to Veritas-sanctioned events, ministries, and initiatives. These are things that are budgeted, planned, included in OKRs, or they are at least coming top-down.

That leaves gray area when it comes to knowing what we can promote, endorse, communicate, offer resources to non-sanctioned things that maybe we didn’t plan as leaders, but have popped up in our congregation, either in response to what we’ve called people to do, or just as something they are leading out in of their own initiative. To reduce variance in how we respond to members approaching us asking things like:

  • “Can we have a stage announcement about ____.”
  • “Can we get more people to care about _____.”
  • “Can you forward an email to the whole church about _______.”
  • “Can we reserve three rooms each Sunday night for the next 6 months to do ______.”
  • Because these initiatives are important to our members, they are at risk for feeling confused or not validated when we respond differently to them.

This cloud guide categorizes all non-sanctioned things so we can be consistent with how we promote, talk about, and offer clout to different events, initiatives, and ministries, including partner organizations and things members start.


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