Congregation: Tri-City
Series: Coming Home
Speaker: Brad Snyder
Scripture Text: Luke 15:11-32

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Discussion Questions
  1. When the prodigal son took his wealth and left his father, we get a glimpse of the level of scandal we commit when we sin against God. Ponder this truth.
  2. When the son squandered his wealth and famine struck the land, he was left to eat what the pigs didn’t want. Pastor Brad stated instead of this showing the wrath of God, it displays God’s grace in breaking the son to a point to see his own brokenness and sin. What situations in your life could be misconstrued as God’s anger, when instead it is His grace bringing you back into His arms?
  3. Our frequency of sinning against God and asking Him for forgiveness may have dulled our understanding of the scandal we commit against God and His shocking grace that forgives our sin. Take time to think about the absolute absurdity it is to sin against God, and the even greater absurdity it is for Him to hitch up His robes, sprint across the field and cover us with the kisses of His ferocious love.
  4. When the prodigal son returned home he deserved to be publicly shamed and stoned. Instead, his father welcomed him home, clothed the son in his own robe and threw an extravagant welcome home party. This is how Jesus feels when we repent and come home to His love! Do you feel this way? Or do the lies of the enemy prevent you from feeling as loved and cherished as you are?
  5. As this celebration was taking place, another scandal was being committed. The older son was outraged his brother was forgiven. He trusted in his own obedience rather than the love and grace of his father. Do you trust in your own commitment to God rather than God’s love for you? Rejoice that God loves us because we are His, not because of what we do.