Congregation: Short North
Series: Coming Home
Speaker: Ryan Stanley
Scripture Text: Luke 15:17-32

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Discussion Questions
  1. In Luke 15, how do we see the younger son being more honest than the older son? How does the older son reject his father? Like the older son, we also reject our Father by self justification, self sufficiency, and pride. In what ways do you try to attain what can only be given? What does it look like to have a posture of receiving what the Lord has already given?
  2. How do we tend to be employees of God rather than His children? Have there been times in your life when you have thought your inheritance from Christ was built on your obedience or performance?
  3. In verse 28 we see the son filled with anger and rejection towards his father and brother. How have you made excuses for your anger and rejection towards God and others? Read Matthew 5:21-22 and Proverbs 21:2.
  4. Give an example of some ways you compare yourself to others to try and feel better about yourself.  Why do we seek superiority?
  5. Remember- there is no entry fee to get to Jesus. He paid it all. He extends love, mercy and forgiveness. What does it look like to live this out?