Fear and Anxiety

Congregation: Short North
Series: Fear
Speaker: Geoff Davis
Scripture Text: Matthew 10:24-33

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Discussion Questions
  1. Where does fear originate from? How does fear enter the world in Genesis and where do your fears come from? What worries and doubts sit at the foundation of your fears?
  2. After eating the fruit, God appeared and Adam and Eve were afraid and ashamed. When God moves toward you (through His Spirit, His Word, and His Church), do you tend to respond with fear and shame or with hope and joy?
  3. How are heavenly fear and earthly fear, as Pastor Geoff described them, different? How do each of these fears impact the way we live our daily lives? How do you see each impacting your thoughts and actions
  4. One of the fears Pastor Geoff mentioned was the fear of being “found out” – that if we were to be truly known, no one would want to stand by us. What comfort does Scripture give to this fear? Do you think that this is a community that you can trust to truly know you?
  5. What things do you often use to ease your fears? Food? Alcohol? Gossip? Ignorance? Something else? What promises of God speak to your fears? How do they speak a better word to you than the other things you run to for comfort?